Los postres de nuestro chef privado en Granada

Each of the dishes prepared by our private chef in Granada are designed to transmit an emotion, a sensation or to transport us to other places. Desserts have always been related to a feeling of disconnection, relaxation and pause. An ice cream at snack time or a piece of sponge cake with a coffee after lunch, desserts undoubtedly convey a positive and joyful emotion.

They also have a special place in any menu, as they are the perfect way to put the finishing touch to a menu and elevate the gastronomic experience even more.

In this post we are going to show you which desserts are made by our private chef in Granada, as well as some curiosities that may be interesting for you.

Each of our desserts, in detail

At our Finca we have different menus and desserts, which we will discuss below. Desserts that we make with as much local produce as possible, such as avocado or pale rum from Motril, present in dishes such as tarta de santiago or brownie. 

In addition, we always try to innovate in terms of plating and giving our own particular touch to each recipe. Let’s start with desserts:


A dessert designed for chocolate lovers, the brownie, a traditional dessert that never fails. A chocolate brownie with the ideal consistency, firm but juicy on the inside and with a crunchy touch on the outside, served on a base of sweet avocado cream with orange, walnuts and blueberries.

Brownie de chocolate


Simmered pears in spiced red wine, coconut milk whipped cream infused with cardamom and sautéed grandmother’s sponge cake. A bite that melts on the palate and perfectly blends sweet notes with spicy and bitter accents.

Peras al vino


Traditional St. James cake, accompanied by pineapple flambéed with Motrilian pale rum and cane sugar, together with Leche Rizada.

*Leche rizada is a traditional dessert from Motril, prepared with a base of milk and decorated with cinnamon and lemon. It is an ice cream that the people of Motril enjoy a lot, especially in the summer season.

If you liked these desserts prepared by our private chef in Granada, learn more about our gastronomic concept and our menus. On the other hand, we also recommend that you take a look at our range of culinary experiences and bring out your inner chef. 

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Jarras con agua, leche y zumo junto a bowls de fruta