Ingredientes en la cocina del chef privado en Granada

A cuisine that brings together the experience, knowledge and passion of our private chef in Granada. The creation of unforgettable experiences is the key to Clara Fernández cuisine, creating a relaxed atmosphere, the connection between the guests and the chef and, of course, the elaboration of dishes with unique flavours and with different and avant-garde dishes.

We will now take a look at the keys to Finca Yantar’s gastronomy.

The quality of the raw materials in the kitchen of our private chef in Granada

Organic crops, products purchased at the local market and seasonal fruit and vegetables are the basic ingredients that cannot be missing in the Finca’s cuisine.

These are qualities that cannot go unnoticed, such as smell, taste, texture, flavour, smell, colour, texture, shape and appearance, as well as hygienic and chemical qualities. Aspects that are key to achieving the best culinary results.

Local tropical crops

The Finca is surrounded by a multitude of tropical plants, in fact, Motril is known for the presence of mango, custard apple, avocado, or loquats and other more exotic ones such as guavas, litchis, pitahaya and carambola. 

These are local products that put the Costa Tropical on the map and give us extra reasons to visit the area, as well as its beautiful beaches.

Pescaito, a tradition that takes avant-garde form

The gastronomy of Andalusia is mainly known for its use of fish. Almadraba tuna in Cadiz, anchovies in Malaga or prawns in Huelva.

In the kitchen of the Finca, Clara is in charge of giving a different and novel touch to classic dishes such as “Huevos fritos con Espichá Motrileña”, a dish that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Motrilian culture. Boquerones or sardines are two of the proteins usually used in this dish.

Undoubtedly, fish will continue to be one of the main products in the gastronomy of Finca Yantar, as the gastronomic concept revolves around maintaining culinary traditions and fusing them with some more avant-garde techniques, thus creating dishes with a lot of personality.

The pairing, experiences that accompany the dishes

Every lover of good food should know the art of good food pairing. Creating a balance between the flavours of the dishes and which wine to accompany them with is a sensory experience for the palate.

White wine with fish, red wine with meat and rosé or sparkling wine for desserts. The three basics to introduce you to the world of wine and food pairing. In fact, we have a complementary wine and cheese tasting experience for those who love good wine.

The cuisine of our private chef in Granada is undoubtedly an experience to remember and share in good company. Book your experience and enjoy a different gastronomy.

Jarras con agua, leche y zumo junto a bowls de fruta