To each bread, its olive oil. A tasting at the hands of our private chef in Granada.

Gastronomy plays an essential role in our Finca. In addition to our tasting menus, we offer a series of gastronomic experiences for our guests to discover and connect with our culinary concept at the hands of our private chef in Granada. 

Bread and oil tasting is one of our most popular tastings among our visitors. A perfect activity to enjoy in company. We prepare our tastings with carefully selected raw materials that do justice to the local gastronomy.

Cata de panes y aceites de mano de nuestro chef privado en Granada
Bread and Olive oil tasting at the hands of our private chef in Granada.

The materials, the most important aspect

There is a wide variety of olive oils in Spain and each one has a different taste and texture. Not all breads combine the same with each oil. At Finca Yantar our private chef in Granada prepares a wide variety of breads in our clay oven. Specifically, our bread and oil tasting is carried out with the following product combinations:

  • White bread made with organic flour accompanied by AOVE “Hacienda de los beatos”. Picual and Arbequina are olive oils with a very intense flavour that harmonise with bread with a strong crumb.
  • Salailla granadina with AOVE “Finca la Torre” Hojiblanca. Its smoothness goes well with almost any type of bread, especially those with more subtle aromas. It is a mild and sweet extra virgin olive oil that combines well with fine breads.
  • Bread with seeds and nuts and EVOO “Cortijo la Toquera” Hojiblanca, Picuda and pajarera. The strength and slight bitterness of these oils make them more appropriate to enjoy with honey bread, dried apricots and dried fruit bread.
  • Foccacia with sundried tomatoes, herbs and parmesan accompanied by AOVE “Elizondo nº3”. Picual for its intense personality, these oils encourage us to enjoy them in the company of bread with a strong crumb and powerful flavours. Onion and tomato breads and cheese breads are ideal with this variety.

If you would like to enjoy our culinary tastings and learn more about our gastronomy, please click on the following link.

Jarras con agua, leche y zumo junto a bowls de fruta