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Live and savor a luxury cuisine at Finca Yantar

“A unique sensory experience in the form of tasting menus and culinary experiences”

History, avant-garde and local ingredients are some of the words that give name to our gastronomic concept. Words that also represent to the perfection the trajectory and culinary style of our private chef, Clara Fernández: traditional flavors mixed with exotic ingredients and avant-garde plating. 

Clara grew up with cooking, which eventually became her passion thanks to her family’s bakering tradition, with whom she made bread in the wood oven every single weekend. After finishing her studies and cooking in different restaurants such as La Deriva in Malaga, she consolidated her style as a chef and created this unique gastronomic experience that we can taste at Finca Yantar.

Gastronomic tourism, a new way of travelling

Gastronomic tourism is the ideal way to discover new destinations, because through gastronomy, you get to know the roots and history of each place.

At Finca Yantar we wanted to create a meeting place for travel and food lovers. Especially for those who wanted to discover the gastronomy in Andalusia. To be able to enjoy new places and discover their traditional cuisine, fresh products, techniques and dishes… is without a doubt an experience worth trying.

Thanks to our private chef you will be able to travel to our kitchen that will transport you to places you have not yet visited.

All the flavor of the gastronomy in Andalusia, in exquisite tasting menus

Andalusian gastronomy is known for its fresh ingredients, its variety and above all for its history and tradition. In addition to the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, our gastronomy is very different depending on the place you visit.

Motril is a meeting point for lovers of good seafood and fish. Dishes such as “la espichá”, fried fish or dried octopus are some of the specialties of the area. Without a doubt, it is a place to enjoy gastronomic tourism.

The main gastronomic experience is based on our tasting menus: we have a short menu and a long menu. Each one is composed of a series of steps that begin and end with a fusion of local flavors and ingredients that create an unparalleled culinary experience.

Likewise, our chef’s signature cuisine is prepared to suit all tastes, whether you follow a keto diet, a vegetarian diet or if you have any food intolerance. At Finca Yantar we want all our guests to enjoy a unique sensory and culinary experience.

A luxury cuisine to enjoy in the best of company

In addition to the select tasting menus prepared by our private chef, we have culinary experiences to complement our guests stay. Experiences such as bread workshops, wine and regional cheese tastings or oil and bread tastings, among others. Activities that will bring you closer to the gastronomy of Andalusia while you share unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

If you are consider yourself a foodie, Finca Yantar is the place to be. A relaxing ambience surrounded by the nicest natural location that will make you feel recharged while you taste our delicious luxury cuisine.

Finca Yantar is a place to share moments and create memories surrounded by our beloved ones. Enjoy the bread workshop with the family, taste a selection of exquisite wines on the terrace with friends or enjoy juicy steak prepared in the wood oven with work colleagues. 

Whether you want to enjoy a romantic getaway, a weekend with friends, colleages or to celebrate a special day, we are waiting for you at Finca Yantar.

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