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Finca Yantar is an experience to be enjoyed with all the senses, but above all, with the sense of taste. Our tasting menu will transport you to places through the local products of Motril, which vary according to the season, in order to offer you the best dishes, with fresh and quality ingredients.

Our private chef, Clara Fernández, will be in charge of creating a progression of flavours and combinations that will make your palate enjoy the most of our culinary proposals.

If this is the first time you visit the estate, you can choose between two options: let us guide you through a tasting menu or create a menu according to your preferences. You can also try some of the gastronomic and culinary experiences we have available.

Where tradition meets modernity throught the cooking of our private chef

Clara’s grandparents used to bake bread in the wood-fired oven every weekend, a tradition that awakened Clara’s passion for cooking. Over time, she took off in this sector and ended up creating this very special experience at Finca Yantar.

A signature cuisine characterised by its combination, the fusion of a more traditional part, together with an avant-garde, more travelled part with international influences. Creating tasting menus that put Finca Yantar on the map.

The tropical coast of granada, rich in quality ingredients

Our private chef ensures that the vast majority of the produce used in the kitchen is local, seasonal and of the highest possible quality. Motril is an area of Andalusia well known for its exotic crops. Mangos, avocados and custard apples amongst other fruits and vegetables. Its terrain creates the perfect environment for the growth of this type of fruit, so it is known nationally that in Motril, there is good raw material.

In addition, seafood and fish are two basic points in the gastronomy of Granada. The local market has fresh products to incorporate into our chef’s recipes. She experiments with them to create her versions of Pescaito Frito, Espichá and other typical dishes that put the Costa Tropical of Granada on the map.

The tasting menu, the centre of our gastronomic experience

We like to mix flavours, ingredients and influences, which is why a tasting menu fits perfectly with this concept. A series of steps that allow us to bring to the table a little bit of each flavour, each tradition and a part of our private chef´s background.

Below you can see an example of a tasting menu, specifically, one of the long ones, consisting of:


  • Fresh foie gras, apple and spiced wine caramel toast
  • Mango and grape white garlic with pistachio


  • Carpaccio of motrileña shrimp, pickled onion, mango chutney and avocado.
  • Salad of marinated tomatoes, peppers, avocado and mackerel


  • Octopus, motrileña salad and orange


  • Suckling pig confit, corn and mango


  • St. James cake, pineapple flambéed with pale rum and curled milk

At Finca Yantar we like to create the perfect atmosphere for our guests to enjoy a dream stay with their loved ones. And what better than the gastronomy of our private chef to create moments. Live a unique experience.

Jarras con agua, leche y zumo junto a bowls de fruta