Decoración de casa rural con piscina Granada

The decoration gives personality to this rural house with swimming pool Granada

Bright, diaphanous spaces, but also spaces that are influenced by different decorative trends, creating a combination of totally original elements, colours and textures. 

Decoration is the key to create rooms where you can enjoy moments. Each room in the house is decorated with maximum detail and care, as we want to convey different concepts through the art of decoration.

In this post, you will know in depth what styles and decorative influences dress this country house with swimming pool Granada.

Nordic Style

It is one of the biggest decorative trends in recent years. Known for being based on a fairly neutral colour palette, composed of white, grey, beige and soft contrasts. Materials such as wood, fabrics such as cotton or linen are key in this decorative style. Simple, plain lines and highly functional pieces that do not clutter the space.

This style gives a feeling of cleanliness, tranquillity and relaxation, as they are very clear and luminous spaces. In the house we can find it in details of the living room in thiscountry house with swimming pool Granada.

Foto de habitación con cama de color pastel
Bedroom 2

Industrial Style

Its origin dates back to the 1950s, when New York artists moved into factories and warehouses to find a space in which to work. This decorative style is characterised by the use of iron elements, robust wood, concrete and cement among others. 

Nowadays it is one of the most used styles in interior decoration, as it gives a great personality to any space.

Vintage Style

This decorative style is based on antique, artistic and high quality objects, which were rescued from antique shops or decoration shops. They give a totally different touch as they are pieces that show a lot of history, which mixed with avant-garde and modern elements create unique rooms.

Many of the decorative elements of this country house with swimming pool Granada are vintage style, such as the pieces found in the dining room.

Foto de entrada al comedor
Entrance to the dining room

Mediterranean Style

A decorative style very used in Spain, it reminds us of the summer, the sun and the beaches. Maritime and toasted colours that bring great warmth to any space. We can also highlight the use of handmade pieces, such as the pouffes on the terrace. And textiles such as cotton and linen, very common in this decorative style and in thiscountry house with swimming pool Granada

Nautical Style

Also known as sailor or navy decoration. Characterised by the use of fresh colours, whites and blues. In addition to the decorative elements that remind us of the coast, such as anchors or the use of ropes.

This style is clearly perceived in some of the rooms, with small details of blue colours and natural elements such as wicker.

Foto de habitación con tonos azules
Bedroom 1

If you consider yourself a lover of decoration, be sure to visit Finca Yantar, a country house with swimming pool Granada where every space is carefully designed and decorated.

Book your stay and enjoy a dreamlike decoration.

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