verano en esta casa rural con piscina granada

All good things come to an end. Or so they say, although in Finca Yantar we always live in summer. The mild temperatures thanks to the subtropical microclimate makes us a privileged area in terms of climate.

As we have mentioned several times, we are faithful practitioners of mindfulness, so we want to give you some ideas on how to enjoy the last days of summer to the fullest. 


We have all sinned more than once of being attentive to the mobile instead of enjoying the present moment, and we are not aware of how many moments we miss. Disconnecting from your cell phone, for example, is not only beneficial for your health, but it will also help you rest better, connect more with your friends or simply be more relaxed. 


The pace of life we live at directly impacts our routine. How many times do we eat in 10 minutes because we have to get on with our day’s tasks? Enjoy every bite, every nuance, every texture. Gastronomy is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so enjoy every bite in the best company.


It improves your mood, stimulates your defenses and also helps the absorption of vitamin D, among many other benefits. Spend at least 5 minutes a day taking a walk, drinking your morning coffee outdoors or doing some kind of outdoor sport. 


At our Finca we are passionate about nature in all its forms. Our orchard is one of the places we spend the most time in addition to our gardens. It reduces stress, improves our ability to concentrate and helps us disconnect from the day.

These are some of the suggestions for you to enjoy the last days of summer to the fullest. We hope you come to visit us soon. 

Jarras con agua, leche y zumo junto a bowls de fruta