platos típicos dekl chef privado en Granada

Our private chef in Granada gives a “twist” to the typical gastronomy of the place.

Visiting the city of the Alhambra is synonymous with enjoying a spectacular gastronomy full of history. Dishes prepared with rich and quality ingredients that characterise the area, creating unique gastronomic experiences for the palate. 

Our private chef in Granada is based on traditional dishes giving them a different and special touch. Following her professional career, she likes to create new concepts from typical dishes mixing them with international and exotic ingredients and flavours, creating her characteristic fusion dishes

As we have explained, our private chef in Granada has given a twist to some of the most typical dishes of the area, creating tasting menus with great personality and unique style.

The key to the cuisine, local and quality ingredients

Granada’s coastline is popular for its beauty, but also for the quality and diversity of its seafood and fish. These are the main focus of the gastronomy in many occasions, as we can see with the Espichá or smoked sardines. 

In addition to seafood and fish, it has a great wealth of local organic crops. Avocados, mangos, custard apples and other fruits that characterise the area of Motril, specifically. Present in many dishes of our private chef in Granada. This area has a really high quality land which translates into Motril being an agricultural jewel for the rest of the territory.

Shrimp from Motril, the centre of many dishes

The Tropical Coast is home to this type of crustacean, similar to the shrimp, although it is only 5 centimetres in size. It is one of the most popular foods in Motril´s gastronomy, as it can be fished at any time of the year, although winter is its peak season.

One of the dishes of our private chef in Granada that includes this crustacean is the Tartar of Motril´s shrimp, pil pil and roasted peppers.

The shrimp is seasoned with the juice of peppers roasted in the firewood, with a pilpil mayonnaise, avocado and crunchy shrimp heads.

Platos típicos del chef privado en Granada
Shrimp Tartar

Tapas, an internationally known dish

These small plates of food have undoubtedly become a representative of Spanish culture. It is an ideal way to enjoy food surrounded by good company. Some of the tapas prepared by our private chef in Granada are:

  • Bao bread of cheeks, pickled onion and avocado.
  • Assortment of red prawn and black pudding croquettes with sweet onions
  • Anchovy toast, marinated tomato and avocado mousse
Menú de tapas

Octopus, a delicacy for many people

Octopus is a very popular food in the kitchen, it is very easy to give it prominence as it has a very characteristic and delicious flavour. In Motril, we prepare dried octopus, called “sea ham” because of its curious texture and flavour. 

However, our private chef in Granada has used it in a different way to prepare this delicious dish: “Octopus, Motril salad and orange”.

Grilled octopus leg, accompanied by the traditional Motril´s octopus salad (potatoes, octopus, avocado, spring onion and mayonnaise) and with a touch of orange. 

Plato de pulpo sobre ensalada rusa con copa de vino blanco

Granada is a city full of history and therefore, full of culinary traditions that we can still enjoy today. If you consider yourself a gastronomy enthusiast, visiting Finca Yantar will transport you to places creating a unique sensory experience for your senses.

Jarras con agua, leche y zumo junto a bowls de fruta