tendencias de turismo en esta casa rural con piscina Granada

After some difficult years due to the pandemic, tourism continues to be a way of escaping for us all. Among all different forms of tourism that have been implemented throughout this time, rural tourism continues to be on trend worldwide, especially in Spain.

In fact, this type of tourism has remained active along with many others that we will explain below. In addition, you can find a large number of these forms of travel in this rural house with swimming pool Granada.

A rural house with swimming pool Granada where you can enjoy the tourism trends for 2022

Rural tourism, nature tourism, wellness tourism… At Finca Yantar you can experience tourism in all kinds of ways. In this post we explain what are the types of tourism in trend for 2022 and how you can enjoy it in our Finca.

Slow travel

One of our favourite ways of discovering new places. Travelling without rushing, enjoying every moment, every detail, creating new memories and having an amazing time.

In this type of tourism, what matters the most is the experience, the way you enjoy every aspect of your trip. Planning every detail is great, but letting yourself be carried away by the traditions of the place, by new surroundings, that is also something really pleasant to take into consideration.

Terraza de casa rural con piscina en Granada

Sustainable tourism

Sustainability is a well known trend that is present in different areas, so it is almost mandatory to be taking into account as one of the main ways of tourism. This year, people will start to travel for longer periods of time, to avoid pollution, instead of making several express trips. Mainly these are trips that prioritise relaxation, nature and activities around the area, such as hiking.

Within this type of tourism we can highlight others that complements it, such as agrotourism, which is more focused on visiting vineyards or farms. We can also highlight ecotourism, oriented towards visiting natural spaces or reserves, promoting a lower environmental impact as many of the activities that take place in these spaces help to preserve them.

Gastronomic tourism

This form of tourism is one of the most common at our Finca. An experience that revolves around gastronomy, discovering the typical flavours of the place, its products and its traditions. It also includes gastronomic and culinary activities that transport visitors to other times. In fact, it is becoming more and more common to see a wide range of gastronomic routes, as it is a fun and interesting way of getting to know the culinary roots of a destination. 

Comedor exterior en finca de la Costa Tropical

Cultural tourism

Getting to know the past of a place, its history, art and gastronomy. One of the aspects that tourism promotes the most year after year. This includes visits to museums, tasting routes and attending typical local festivals.

Wellness tourism

Taking care of oneself is a trend that is growing every year worldwide. When it comes to discovering new destinations, it is increasingly common to find a gym in the accommodation itself or fitness classes with a personal trainer. And the fact is that more and more people like to take care of their health while they travel.

In fact, at our Finca we have a multitude of services aimed at mindfulness and wellbeing. Such as our massage services, yoga classes or meditation. 

Finca Yantar is a destination with a wide range of possibilities to enjoy a unique getaway, in a natural environment surrounded by history and culture.

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