More and more people are betting on rural tourism, it is undoubtedly a very fun and entertaining way to travel, in which nature and traditions are always present. In today’s post we will recommend 3 experiences that you can not miss in your rural getaway in Granada.


Ingredientes en la cocina del chef privado en Granada

There is no better plan to discover a city than to know its gastronomy, its ingredients, techniques, dishes and curiosities. Some of the foods most used in its gastronomy are:

Quisquilla de Motril. If there is something typical of Motril is the shrimp, the star ingredient. It is also well known because it is like a shrimp but sweeter and smaller. They are fished in the Alboran Sea. In addition, 50% of the shrimps eaten in Andalusia come from the Motrilian fishery.

Dried octopus. We continue with the products that the sea offers us. The dried octopus is eaten a lot in the area of the Tropical Coast of Granada, and you can find several bars and restaurants specialized in this dish. 

Avocado and mango. Straight from the Axarquia. We have always heard about the goodness of the terrain in the area, as it allows the cultivation of fruits and vegetables that require a lot of water. For example, avocado and mango, present in many of our elaborations. 


Motril is full of history. 

It is mainly known for the cultivation of sugar cane and the development of its industry, which contributed a lot to the economy of the nineteenth century. Today, Motril lives from tourism, its excellent agriculture and fishing. Some of the most worthwhile places to visit are:

Historic center of Motril

Stroll around the Plaza de España, where you can find the main church and the town hall, two of the most important buildings in Motril. Near the square, you can find the Calderon de la Barca theater, built in 1880 and was a success in the late nineteenth century. 

Nature Reserve Charca de Suarez

Nature always surrounds the area and this wetland has more than 14.60 hectares. The city council of Motril is in charge of preserving it and it has also become a tourist activity, since it is inhabited by 200 different species of fauna and flora. 


verano en esta casa rural con piscina granada

Undoubtedly the beaches are its main charm. Crystal clear waters, pebble beaches that allow a perfect view of the marine fauna. One of the best known is the Poniente beach, the closest to the city. You can learn more about its beaches in this post. 

We hope you come soon to enjoy a rural getaway in Granada.

Jarras con agua, leche y zumo junto a bowls de fruta