Ingredientes clave de nuestro chef privado en Granada

In today’s post we reveal one of the key ingredients for our private chef in Granada, the avocado. A highly valued product in Motril and that we use in many recipes for our Finca.

An exceptional material

For our private chef in Granada, working with the best material is a must, no matter how elaborate a creation is, if you don’t have good products at your disposal. 

Motril avocados are well known in the culinary world, as well as mango. Due to the excellent quality and predisposition of the soil, we can enjoy an avocado of the highest quality.

Enviromentally sustainable

Motril provides us with most of the materials we use in our kitchen. Our private chef in Granada tries to consume as local as possible, so we visit the markets, where we get the seafood and meat. We collect some fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs from our own garden as well.

We believe in the importance of working with local products, thus helping the environment and promoting the amazing local commerce we have in Motril. 

Used in many recipes

A fruit characterised by its versatility in the kitchen. It has a mild flavour and a creamy texture, ideal for making a good tartar, creating mousses, dressings, etc. 

Here are some of our dishes that include avocado:

Platos típicos del chef privado en Granada
Shrimp Tartar with pilpil and roasted peppers
Ajoblanco de mango y uva
Carpaccio of Motril shrimp, pickled onion, mango and avocado
Tartar de atún y salmón
Salmon Tartar, avocado, mango and hoisin sauce

Properties of the avocado

Avocado has a wide variety of properties and benefits for our organism, among which we highlight the following:

  • Helps to reduce cholesterol
  • Rich in fiber and vitamine D and E
  • Is an excellent antioxidant
  • Contains more potassium than bananas
  • Strengthens the inmune system

If you are an avocado lover, don’t hesitate to visit us and get to know our gastronomy. To live a unique experience of gastronomic delight and relaxation, book your experience. 

Jarras con agua, leche y zumo junto a bowls de fruta