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When we think of staying in a rural house, summer comes to mind, enjoying the pool and drinking cocktails under the sun. However, with the arrival of cooler days, the dining experience can also be very pleasant. 

The warmth of the fireplace, playing board games in the living room, enjoying a tapas menu in the living room while watching the garden outside through the windows, does not sound bad, does it? 

In today’s post we tell you some advantages of staying in this cottage with pool Granada during the fall season. Let’s start.

Enjoy milder temperatures in this rural house with swimming pool Granada

There are people who can not stand the summer heat, it is true that in Motril we enjoy a tropical subclimate that allows temperatures to be milder throughout the year. But, even so, the arrival of autumn is always welcome for those who love the cold. 

Family activities

During fall, the kids are home more, so it’s the perfect time to enjoy a weekend getaway with them. Take the opportunity to do joint activities with them, such as our bread workshop or enjoy hiking trails that are available in the area. 

We also have Netflix and board games in our living room if you prefer to spend an afternoon of movies and blanket in this cottage with pool Granada.

Disconnect from work

In finca yantar we are lovers of weekend getaways, they are the ideal way to disconnect from the routine for a few days and return to work with charged batteries and new experiences. If you want to see our weekend availability you can see it in our reservations section.

Less crowded tourist places

In Motril, summers are usually the time of the year when we receive more tourists, so in autumn, you can know a little more of our city visiting the most emblematic places without having to deal with eternal queues and large crowds. 

We recommend you to take a walk along our beaches and visit the Montero rum factory, we are sure you will love it. These are some of the advantages of staying in this rural house with pool Granada during the fall and enjoy some very special family days.

We hope to see you soon at Finca Yantar.

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